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Senior Software Engineer (Integrations Focus)



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Role Overview

  • Anon is a rapidly growing startup and is looking for a senior backend engineer to join our engineering team as a critical member.
  • We are looking for someone who has experience building integrations to sites without APIs. This includes reverse engineering APIs, building browser automations, remotely authenticating users, and more.
  • This role is ideal for those who enjoy working in a fast-paced and autonomous culture, value open communication and collaboration, build scalable systems, and are obsessively curious about solving complex technical problems.
  • We love startup experience and candidates who have been a CTO or early-stage engineer in the past.
  • This is a senior individual contributor role and will be expected to write, review, and ship code, actively contribute to architecture conversations, and take broad ownership in bringing products to market.

⚙️ Details on Anon's hiring process for engineering roles can be found here.

What is Anon?

We build tools for developers who need easy and reliable ways to request and manage access to the online accounts of their customers.

AI companies

Use Anon to delegate accounts to AI agents and to access user data to build more personalized models.

Outsourcing companies

Use Anon to more securely manage account access with virtual assistants or CX / BPO outsourcers.

Key responsibilities

  • You will play a major role in technical architecture, working alongside our CTO to define and implement features, API schema, and select the tools, technologies, and processes for our engineering team.
  • You will lead our efforts to build integrations with a myriad of services across the internet, including standard OAuth integrations and manual GUI-based integrations. These integrations play a major role in our strategy moving forward so this is a critical role for which you would have significant ownership.
  • You will help define the culture of the engineering team and the company as a whole. You should be curious about new technologies and finding ways to solve problems. You should enjoy internal collaboration and working with our users (who are also engineers).
  • You will write and review code, working to transform technical designs into production software.

Desired skills

  • Experience building integrations using browser automation tools like Playwright, Puppeteer, or Selenium, and testing frameworks like Cypress and Vite.
  • Experience developing SDKs, including documentation, static site support, versioned APIs, and release management.
  • Proficiency in backend service development with at least one of the following — Typescript, Python, Rust, or Go.
  • Experience with infrastructure management, including secure token storage, Kubernetes, microservice architecture, and CI/CD.
  • Knowledge of team development processes and tools, including issue tracking, observability, tooling, and on-call response.

Bonus points

  • Experience working at a company that built non-API integrations at-scale such as Plaid, Argyle, or Finch, or that used "screen scraping" to aggregate large amounts of data.
  • Experience building real-time streaming systems using technologies such as WebRTC
  • Experience with Open Policy Agent and permissions policy models
  • Familiarity with authentication and authorization, such as OAuth2, OpenID Connect, MFA, and cloud provider IAM.
  • Knowledge of team development processes and tools, including issue tracking, observability, tooling, and on-call response.

Why work with us?

  • Significant upside: Receive meaningful equity compensation in an early-stage but quickly-growing startup.
  • Ownership and autonomy: Enjoy low ego, minimal hierarchy, and end-to-end technical ownership.
  • Experience and exposure: Work directly with our founders, as well as venture capitalist backers and advisors.
  • Excellent benefits: Receive a competitive salary; 100% medical, dental, and vision plans; unlimited PTO and sick days; and a gym membership stipend.

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